1.National Hi-tech Enterprise

2.CPPIA Modified Plastic Committee

3.Chinese Outstanding Private Technology Enterprise;

4.Chnia Modified Plastics Star Enterprise

5.Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Research and Development Center

6.Key Enterprise Technology Center in Guangdong Province

7.Guangdong Province Department of Education Research Demonstration Base

8.Private Technology Enterprise in Guangdong Province

9.The Innovation Alliance for Industry College and Research in W &C

Enterprise Culture

We always uphold the core value of “people-oriented”,emphasizing the importance of moral quality during staff training.We have created a “positive,progressive,and hamonious”human environment and development platform.

The company hold the expertise and skills training,quality development training,outdoor development training on an annual basis,and set up a high-level management training class,The sound training system offers employees a self-improvement shortcut.

Social responsibility

Silver age has been subsidizing schooling schemes since 2003. During the past 12 years,Silver age has subsidized about 1,500,000 RMB as loving foundation which involved in eight provinces.Over 500 students has been helped and one Hope Primary School has been assisted.While the enterprise is getting stronger and stronger,Silver Age actively bear the social responsibility,being enthusiastic about public welfare.Silver Age operates in accordance with law and pays taxes,helps the disabled and the poor,donates to support education,promotes employment and attends in new socialist countryside construction.These all make Silver Age a good citizen image & reputation.It also will play a significantly promoting role in national prosperity,national rejuvenation and the construction of socialist harmonious society.

Cleaner production enterprise

In December,2011,Silver Age was awarded as “Dongguan Cleaner Production Enterprise”.With the new trend of the developing of global low carbon economy,Silver Age has developed both biodegradable materials and halogen free materials.In addition,the enterprise insists the management and maintenance of 7S,energy-saving emission reduction,Increasing the utilization ratio of energy,taking the road of sustainable development.It promotes a harmonious development of the staff,enterprises,social and natural environment.