Quality Management

Silver Age not only has multiple manual inspections in storage, production and packaging processes, but also introduces advanced equipment (German & Japanese) for quality controls. Laser diameter gauge, spectrometer, laser particle size analyzer, metalloscope, etc, help us to deliver stable and reliable products to our customers.1


About QC

1.Our raw material is imported with top quality. And will be double QC before putting in the warehouse.

2. While we begin production,the material matching will be confirmed by two producer leaders and the engineer sets well the machine.

3.There’re one alarm in the machine itself for testing the diameter. Once the tolerance is over 0.02mm for Grade-A quality,it’ll alarm.

4. Although the machine is automatic,but we’ll have one person be there for a double checking. And it’ll experience two time QC before entering into the warehouse.”


Testing Equipment

The advanced hardware ensures the excellent quality. Our company introduces the tion of the GC-MS gas chromatography mass spectrometer,desktop XRF spectrometer,thermogravimetric analyzer,differential scanning calorimeter and other testing equipments from Germany,Japan and other countries to ensure providing customers high-quality products.

(1)Laser Diameter Gauge

Application: Filament diameter control, diameter error within± 0.02 mm, achieving grade A quality.


Application: Accurately customize filament color.

(3)Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Application: Particle size distribution control.

(4)Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Application: Monitors the melting point, crystallization temperature of every batch

(5)Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer

Application: Measures content of volatile substances.


Application: Observes appearance of powder particles.

(7)Powder Comprehensive Performance Analyzer

Application: Measures powder performance, including bulk density and angle of repose, etc.

(8)Powder Moisture Content Tester

Application: Measures moisture content of powder.